Program at a Glance

Opening & Keynotes
  • [08:30am Wed Nov 24, 2021] Opening Virtual Conferences ACOMP & FDSE 2021, by Conference Chairs

  • [09:00am Wed Nov 24, 2021] Tai M. Chung

  • [10:30am Wed Nov 24, 2021] Thanh Thi Nguyen

  • [02:30pm Thu Nov 25, 2021] Artur Andrzejak

  • [04:00pm Wed Nov 25, 2021] Johann Eder
Paper Section I
[01:30pm - 03:00pm Wed Nov 24, 2021]
  • HUTECH Realtime Bushfire Detection with Spatial-based Complex Event Processing

  • UIT Building Sustainable Food Supply Chain Management System Based On Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain

  • UIT Blockchain Based Administration Model: A Small Scale Governance Demo-System

  • UIT A Model of 3-DOF Stewart Auto-Balancing System for Low-Cost and High Reliable Embedded Applications

  • Multi-Agent Collaborative Framework for Automated Agriculture
Paper Section IV
[11:00am - 12:30pm Thu Nov 25, 2021]
  • HCMUT IUH Hunting phishing websites using a hybrid fuzzy-semantic-visual approach

  • HCMUT Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognition: An approach on data augmentation

  • HUFLIT A Study of Machine Learning Techniques for Cybersecurity

  • VAA HUTECH Vietnamese vehicles speed detection with video-based and deep learning for real-time traffic flow analysis system

  • VNU-HN PPA Evaluation of U-Net and Its Variants in Solving Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Segmentation

  • HCMUT A semi-supervised learning method to remedy the lack of labeled data

  • HCMIU Detecting Abnormal and Dangerous Activities Using Artificial Intelligence on The Edge for Smart City Application
Paper Section II
[03:30pm - 05:00pm Wed Nov 24, 2021]
  • Lac Hong HCMUT Web Application Anomaly Detection Based On Converting HTTP Request Parameters To Numeric

  • User-defined Tools for Characterizing Task-Parallel Applications and Predicting Load Imbalance

  • HUST BKIDset - A New Intrusion Detection Dataset To Mitigate The Class Imbalance Problem

  • UIT SGU A Vietnamese Answer Extraction Model Based on PhoBERT

  • HCMUT OpenK: An Elastic Data Cleansing System with A Clustering-based Data Anomaly Detection Approach
Paper Section III
[09:00am - 10:30 am Thu Nov 25, 2021]
  • HCMIU Performance Evaluation of Deep Learning Models on Embedded Platform for Edge AI-Based Real time Traffic Tracking and Detecting Applications

  • HCMUT Implementation and Evaluation of PartyCrasherBLE: An Energy-Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Authentication Protocol for BLE Devices

  • UIT Design of Smart Camera System for Traffic Violation Detection

  • UIT Risc-V Random Test Generator

  • UIT A Road Self-Guided Hardware-Based Demo System

  • UIT A Fast Keccak Hardware Design for High Performance Hashing System

  • HUST A Method to Improve the Accuracy of the Bioelectrical Impedance Phase-Angle Measuring System
Short Papers
[09:00am - 11:30am Fri Nov 26, 2021]
  • HCMUTE EEG Signal-Based Eye Blink Classifier Using Convolutional Neural Network For BCI Systems

  • UIT IoT-Based Security with Facial Recognition Smart Lock System

  • UEL An Efficient Method To Extract Data From Bank Statements Based On Image-Based Table Detection

  • Optimization Model for Network-based Mobile Positioning

  • VGU Using a Graph Algorithm Based Metric to Navigate Important Nodes and Validate Network Availability Design

  • UEL Applying VR/AR Technology in Product Advertising to Improve User Experience

  • NTT HUTECH Design and development of a wifi data logger system using Raspberry Pi for wireless environment monitoring

  • CTU Tay Do A Model for Car Registration System based on Blockchain Technology

  • HCMUS UIT Design and Implementation of Complex Multiplier with Low Power and High Speed

Conference Publication

ACOMP'2021 Proceedings will be published by the Conference Publishing Services. All the presented papers are to be submitted to the IEEE Xplore and IEEE CS Digital Library. Post-conference publication opportunities include a special issue with Springer Nature of Computer Science. ACOMP proceedings have been indexed by Scimago, Scopus Preview, DBLP and other major bibliography portals since 2015.