Two members of the ESP-Lab convincingly passed the final round of thesis examination in late 2022

Long-Phuoc successfully defended his final round of thesis examination in Sep 2022, expecting to earn a PhD title from the HCMC University of Technology later this year. His doctoral work is theoretically focused on the definition of a domain-specific language for IoT applications. Technically, his PhD involves generating source code that implements the user-interface, data …

Two doctoral students of the ESP-Lab convincingly passed the 1st round of thesis examination

Long-Phuoc and Thai-Minh both successfully defended their first round of thesis examination in January 2022. They would have to pass a final examination later this year to earn a PhD title issued by the HCMC University of Technology. Their theses are entitled respectively Model-driven and Rule-based Development of Smart IoT Wearables for Software-intensive Systems A …

Becoming a Peer Reviewer for SOCA and AUSE

Dr. Lam-Son Lê assumed the role of a peer reviewer for the following journals. Both of them are published by Springer Verlag and classified as Quartile 2. Service-Oriented Computing & Applications (since several years) Automated Software Engineering

Substantial visibility into enterprise computing and advanced computing communities

erprise computing, advanced computing, etc.) and gotten involved as a key member in the organization of the following conferences and special issues of late