Current Members

Master’s students who are were with the ESP-Lab:

  • Nga Nguyễn (MIS@HCMUT, process-oriented dashboard)
  • Ngọc Nguyễn (BIS@VGU, robotic process automation)
  • Đình Nguyễn (MIS@HCMUT, document vectorization)
  • Đại Trần (CS@HCMUT, blockchain-enabled hotel rating system)
  • Vình Nguyễn (BIS@VGU, business intelligence for incident management)
  • Minh Vũ (BIS@VGU, business intelligence for defect management)
  • Tường Tô (MIS@HCMUT, business process redesign)
  • Quân Nguyễn Lê (MIS@HCMUT, visualization for artifact-centric process modeling)
  • Công Phạm (CS@HCMUT, code generation for smart contracts)
  • Trung Nguyễn (CS@HCMUT, from UML models to UI design)

The ESP-Lab maintains a collaborating network with academics and practitioners in Europe and in the country.

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You might be the next PhD student in our group!

My dear graduate students, why should you be joining the ESP-Lab?

– The head of this research group has gained substantial visibility into some of a few well established international academic communities on computing (enterprise computing, advanced information systems, etc.) both internationally and nationally and gotten involved as a key member in the organization of several prestigious conferences.

– You would benefit from our forward-thinking guidance with logical progression of research workload to work out your plausible pathways of getting your papers published in decent publication outlets (i.e., highly ranked conferences and well regarded journals).

– Hands-on supervision is commonly practiced at the ESP-Lab, which is particularly helpful to early-phase PhD students. You will immerse yourself into a truly collegial lab-based atmosphere, which would be much more enjoyable when the pandemic time is over.

– Bring yourself into an adventurous and rewarding journey of doing a PhD where you not only learn world-class research methods and up-to-date computing technologies but also have a good chance to meet / collaborate with bright, deep-minded individuals around the globe.